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Mahagony Porter, born in Lake Charles, Louisiana on March 4, 1980, discovered her passion for art at an early age. Drawing inspiration from the human form, particularly the face, she expressed her message through various mediums such as drawing, painting, and graphic design. Believing in the freedom of self-expression, Mahagony loved showcasing unique personalities and beauty in each portrait she created.


After high school, she was awarded a scholarship to an art institute, but unfortunately, her parents did not allow her to pursue it. Instead, she enrolled in a local college, unknowingly embarking on a different path. Although she found some interest in becoming a cosmologist , she didn't immediately recognize it as her true calling. It was only when her father discouraged her, citing financial concerns, that she became determined to prove him wrong.


Choosing to rebel against others' opinions, Mahagony became a licensed cosmetologist, thus beginning her journey to becoming the Short Hair Expert. Throughout her career, she noticed the prevalent issues surrounding hair health. Many women struggled to maintain healthy hair and scalp, often sacrificing their well-being for the sake of conforming to societal beauty standards. Mahagony realized that each client had unique needs and desired to make them feel uniquely beautiful without compromising their health.


Despite being diverted from her original artistic path, Mahagony never lost her passion for art and the beauty of the human form. Through her new medium of hair, she continued to convey her message of freedom of self-expression. By helping women find power and love in their individual beauty, she empowers them to embrace their uniqueness and reject societal pressures.


But Mahogany didn’t stop there, after honing her craft and becoming the expert in short hair that she is. She decided to take it a step further by becoming a cosmetologist instructor. After seeing the need for others, to learn the techniques that she has learned.

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